Soul Food Pedal Vs Klon

Since the klon is only accessible for the privileged few, we decided to feature a mass produced clone of the klon (pun intended), the ehx soul food. The ehx soul food comes in a compact chassis that’s much smaller than the original klon, so it can easily fit in your pedalboard.

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Some things just aren't the same we've discussed some finer points, but crack this pedal open and thing just aren't the same.

Soul food pedal vs klon. However, when looking closer to the pedal, we can see that the diodes (essential says bill finnegan on the pcb of the new version of the centaur, the ktr) are not the same as in the klon. However jsh add a oddly placed knob on the side of the pedal. The soul food is a cramped layout and the ktr is pretty spacious.

I have a soul food, built 2 klones myself and have the ceriatone centura. The soul food has a switch as well. The pedal comes with a 9v power supply included, and it can also run on 9v batteries.

Well, even with the relationship that the soul food pedal and klon share, there are still those that tamper with the circut. There is one thing that some guitarists would argue: And to be honest, i didn't need a 1590a klon.

Thus, the soul food is a cheaper version of the klon. It's the absolute worst klone i've ever tried, with even the $20 mosky gold and silver horse beating it by a mile. Purists absolutely will want to finetune these.

As a result, its tone profile is very close to that of the klon. Indeed, the klon centaur's diodes are germanium, whereas the soul food uses schottky silicon diodes! Tone aficionados kept telling mike matthews about a pedal that had achieved a lot of buzz because it was only obtainable at an exorbitant price.

I think the soul food is the very best deal in the guitar world, $79 well spent. Since i use my drive pedals into an atomic amplifire versatility is a good thing as i'm changing amp models all the time. I've considered having mine modded to add more bass with the jhs meat and potatoes mod.

Clean boost with a bit of hair: All that being said it stays in the pedal cabinet most of the time because that centura is my favorite. Love the buffer bypass option inside (buffer please).

It targets to take the guitar to that realm of tone for a small fraction of the cost of a used centaur. I've just had one for a few years and i'm quite familiar with the circuit and how it works with my rigs. I spent some time recreating some of the soul food's tones in the drive block.

This adds a somewhat familiar. It is an overdrive pedal surrounded by so much hype and mystery that sells for an unbelievably high price. The klon centaur is a great overdrive pedal, indeed among the best.

The klon buffer is so fabled that people have made klones of the klon buffer. That pedal was the klon cantaur. It even comes with an adapter.

Bd is too bright and fizzy/fuzzy, ts is classic tone with a strat and the right amp, but a klone has a more open, dynamic and amp like tone that a ts, but not a soul food. For me, klon (e)s works best with the gain set low, to fatten my tone and change the eq profile of other overdrives. Due to using silicon diodes it is a little brighter, with less low end than other klones.

So, that's neat, and different. October 2016 edited october 2016. Soul food promises a responsive transparent overdrive, boosted power rails for extended headroom and definition, compact and rugged design and selectable true bypass or buffered bypass modes.

Although the centaur is technically discontinued, it isn't uncommon to find a used on ebay for around $2,000, which is well out of reach of most mortals. A believer in bringing great tools to starving musicians, mike tasked his trusty team to create an affordable alternative, and that is how the ehx soul food transparent overdrive was cooked up. There is room for improvement.

The klon centaur is the equivalent of dumble amps in the world of pedals. Where the original klon had germanium diodes, the soul food has silicon diodes. I got the mojomojo today, saw a good deal on it and figured one more od couldn't hurt.

One of their latest creations, the soul food, is an unabashed attempt to deliver an affordable version at one of the most mythical and hyped pedals ever created, the klon centaur. As mentioned above i've bought an eqd plumes. At $86, it’s a steal.

I listened to an old recording i made using the soul food the other day. On the pedal show klones episode there is a noticable difference in the ones they compare to the real klon centaurs, the tumnus noticably adds more bottom end, the archers are a little brighter sounding and the soul food has a brittle mid range. Laid my hands on a soul food pedal by ehx.

Klon vs soul food absolutely. Due to using silicon diodes it is a little brighter, with less low end than other klones. Loving it so far and it seems to be much more versatile than a klon.

Pcb layout might have a minimal effect on tone, but all three are very different. This pedal is said to be remarkably similar to an original klon centaur. Hidden inside is a voltage switch.

There is an option to switch between buffered bypass and true bypass, making it extremely versatile. I got pretty close, close enough for me, for now. I could have gone on a quest to find a different mini pedal that would fit my needs (perhaps something like an rc booster) but i decided to stick with what i know.

Rockett’s archer, with its germanium clipping diodes, is the klon’s sonic twin. There’s a lot more gain available in this pedal in comparison to other pedals in this list. If parasitic capacitance were having an audible effect, it would be between the ktr and soul food.

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