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[sup] [1] [/sup] in 1969, roschman sold the chain to general foods, who then changed the name of the restaurants to rix roast beef. Delicious, because the ad agency and the management of rax worked together to create a mini documentary about how successful mr.

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It was good, but the times were tough on fast food places.

Rax fast food commercial. The fast food chain had 504 outlets in 38 states in the 1980s, but took a nosedive in the '90s. It’s also bad that you have to use the tagline as a reminder to people that your place of business is a restaurant. Although it wasn't the only reason rax went under, a disastrous advertising campaign help drive the nails into its coffin, as the vlogbrothers explain.

Fast food restaurant chain specializing in roast beef sandwiches. Once a major player in the fast food industry, rax has extensively scaled down its operations since its peak in the 1980s. I must have been in one of the 12 states that didn't have it, because i have never in my life even heard of this place and i grew up in the 80s.

Once a major player in the fast food industry, rax has extensively scaled down its operations since its peak in the 1980s. At its peak in the 1980s, the rax chain had grown to 504 locations in 38 states along with two restaurants in guatemala,[9][better source needed] and two restaurants in canada. I really enjoy fast food sometimes, even mcdonalds.

In a second television commercial, mr. The commercial that killed a fast food chain. The name alone makes rax sound like either an insecticide or a name of an evil organization in a comic book.

A bizarre ad campaign with a forthright illustrated spokesman that helped kill the rax fast food chain. Delicious, making the confidence of this statement: General foods ran the chain until 1978, when most of the restaurants closed down.

Growing up, we had a rax just a couple miles away. In case you are interested, the documentary mentioned in this. Now i want to be clear that the rax guy did not cause me to have ocd, i was going to have it anyway but the rax guy did influence the particular worry that ended up taking over my life when i was seven and eight years old.

Our information feeds shape us. We used to take our kids to rax in the mid 1990’s. Granted, this restaurant clearly had other contributing factors to it’s decline, but there’s no denying mr.

Delicious played his part in the downfall. And then there’s this disastrous ad campaign which certainly didn’t help. (twin cities, minnesota) their roast beef sandwiches were actually quite good

Surprisingly, you can still find rax restaurants today. Rax filed for bankruptcy in 1994, just one year after the failed mr. Rax kind of just went for broke and tried to satisfy a bunch of different tastes all at once.

But the company lost its way, trying to reinvent itself in the face of competition and is down to its last few locations. This commercial caused rax roast beef, once an empire with 500+ fats food locations in the usa, to go under within a few years. Rax was originally known as jax roast beef, founded by jack roschman in 1967, in springfield, ohio.

Rax roast beef is a regional u.s. Rax filed for bankruptcy less than a year after the launch of mr. Misogynist, unfunny, alcoholic, sad grown ups who gamble too much and go to psychotherapy?

The company is based in ironton, ohio. Fast food restaurant chain specializing in roast beef sandwiches. Now the wonderful here is, we have a lot of insight into mr.

Rax, it seems had a bit of an identity problem. He's absolutely going to go down as one of the classic characters in advertising history. This worry really tortured me when i was a kid, for years.

This didn't even look good. It’s fast food for grown ups. Rax roast beef restaurants, fast food 2250 s.

While it hasn't died out entirely, a disastrous ad campaign forced the company to drastically scale back operations compared to its '80s heydays. Maybe don’t call your restaurant rax. That's it, that's the video.

I’m sure if my dad was here he’d call me an idiot and tell me we used to eat at them all the time when i was a little kid but i haven’t the faintest memory of them but that’s why i was intrigued by the premise of this youtube video below. Rax roast beef is a regional u.s. It now has five remaining locations.

Rax began to transform its restaurants from basic restaurant architecture into designs containing wood elements and solariums, with the intention of becoming the “champagne of fast food”. So many went out of business for a variety of reasons. Delicious speaks honestly to the kinds of problems and issues that we all face.

Seem just a little off the mark. The company is based in ironton, ohio. Mostly like what we’ve seen recently with brick and mortar retailers.

It seems the endless salad bar, taco bar, italian cuisine and fancy windows turned off its working class customers and is the reason of its ultimate demise. Usually bad upper management and the need to keep the stock prices up.

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