Is Gentle Giants Dog Food Any Good

Gentle giants dog food for german shepherds contains real food baked and resized into palatable chunks. This formula has been designed for dog's with sensitive stomachs, so it might be a good idea to try this if your pet is having digestive trouble with standard dog food.

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There is something to be said for feeding quality dog food.

Is gentle giants dog food any good. It is suppoesed to be at some walmarts but i haven't ever seen it there so my advice is to go to amazon you. That's when i saw burt ward in an interview on television, talking about gentle giants dog food. They were happy to see their canines record healthier weights after being put on the diet.

Of course the number one food they suggest is their own brand called gentle giants world class canine cuisine link. But on every site i have searched i have yet to find any reviews or comments on this food, i was wondering if anyone on this forum had ever heard of or tried this brand and if it is really as good as they try to promote it, it is all natural, with multiple sources of protein. They are also great value for money, and the company has the highest safety standards and care for their customers.

For my part, i like the fact that the food is made of healthy protein and carbohydrate sources. Third, the size of the kibble would work for most breeds. It does not include grains that would otherwise affect a german shepherd’s digestive system.

We give gentle giants a review of “good”. I hope that is still the case. While some pet owners think this it’s a good thing to have their dog big and robust, for giant breeds it’s a disadvantage.

Gentle giants dog food review conclusion. Reviews on amazon are mostly good, although the ingredient list is fairly common, i do like that the fat content is pretty low compared to other stuff we've been trying. And by the way he was 4 or 5 when i got him almost 8 years ago what anyone interested needs to do is go to youtube and type in gentle giants dog food and you'll see burt ward from the 60's batman tv show listen to him i know it sounds hard to believe but it's true what he saysabout dog health, he has dogs who should be dead right now and their not because of how good this dogfood is.

Try to maintain this amount to avoid further health issues. Whilst, it isn't really competitive with premium dog food, gentle giants will be more than adequate for dog owners on a tight budget. When you purchase the gentle giants food or “adopt” (for now $800+), you are supporting this business.

The healthier your dog is the longer and happier life they have the chance to lead. Gentle giants is great dog food for those that are looking for food specifically formulated for giant breeds. Gentle giants dog food review.

Also, i have three observations about this food. The dog food products mentioned above consists of about 41% carbohydrates, 35% fat, and 24% protein. We feed gentle giants world class canine nutrition dog food only, because it is highly nutritious without excessive protein and with a lower fat content to be heart healthy and not clog your dog's intestinal tract.

I found it on dogfoodanalysis, and it was rated a 3. If you look keenly, you can see the pieces of fruit in there too. Free of toxins and artificial flavors and preservatives, it is the ideal food for your dog’s body.

Halo has always had a fairly good reputation in terms of the quality of its products as well as its initiatives to help shelter dogs by ellen degeneres. The gentle giants news site is now down, however, it has been archived. The majority of users of gentle giant dog food say they saw an improvement in the overall stiffness and pain levels in their senior dogs. shop gentle giants store These don’t smell bad at all. Gentle giant is an independent company created by a man named bob ward (batman!) who was seeking a better way to feed dogs and mainly a way to increase the lifespan of large breed dogs.

In each can, there are eight non gmo fruits and vegetables, including blueberries, cranberries, apples and pumpkin. In addition to these 9 items, gentle giants states that their dog food products contain natural, super premium ingredients. While reading about them i found their very strict feeding requirements for any dog adopted from them.

Our german shepherds only eat gentle giants dry dog food. So it is not the worst food out there, but certainly not the best either. A pet food from tv’s own favorite caped crusader (read on to see what we mean!) and a “super” choice for your canine friends.

Some dog foods stink, especially the fish verities; Though their product line is limited, their recipes are everything you want to see without many frivolous ingredients. An optimal amount of calories would be around 1,600 per day.

This dog food is not greasy so if you are tired of buying dog food that leaves an oil slick behind if it touches anything, then this is a good option. Gentle giants dog food was developed and is sold by burt ward (robin of batman and robin) and his wife who run a giant breed dog rescue. First, gentle giants advertise that the food is not greasy and that’s a true statement.

All the extended life expectancy claims aside; Chicken fat is the next meat ingredient, which is actually considered pretty good in dog food, but it is pretty far dowen the list, which means it is not a main ingredient. This little rescue seemed to return to his old self, became more active and, for lack of a better word, youthful.

Sadly, he passed away this past december 1st at the age of 18. Second, it doesn’t have a horrible smell. I started feeding this to all of my dogs.

The only part that makes me feel good about it all is that they still may be getting dogs out of the kill shelters.

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