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Why shouldn't you give these foods to your guinea pig? Or you may go for making a mix on your own.

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Fresh vegetables can be given once a day.

Guinea pig feed chart. The guinea pig’s body and digestive system were designed to consume a lot of fibrous material, so they need to eat a lot of hay. As you can see 80% of your guinea pigs diet should come from hay. (more thorough cleaning might be necessary depending on number & messiness of pigs.) evening

Late afternoon freshen hay, water & pellets if needed. Although many contain adequate levels of vitamin c when fresh, this is only when the food is very fresh and within just a few months these foods no longer contain vitamin c. Do feed your guinea pigs a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Ideally, your guinea pig’s food list should be 80% hay and 20% healthy pellets and veggies, with the occasional snack. To feed a guinea pig, give it unlimited access to hay, which is important for digestive and dental health. Iceberg (high in nitrates and low in nutrients, can cause diarrhea if given in excess).

Fruit should be given in small quantities and not too often. You do your best to your cavies if you provide fresh picked grass too (please no lawn cuttings!). This is another reason to see a vet immediately.

Keep fruits and vegetables low in calcium, low in oxalic acids and to aim for a good balance of calcium:phosphorus (ca:p) between 1.5:1 and 2:1 there is a great ca:p ratio calculator on the nutrition page at A proper guinea pig diet will nourish its skin, fur, teeth, energy, and internal health. Since she’s been with me, i have tried to feed her the following fresh veggies spinach , carrots, celery, red cabbage, a small piece of tomato, she snubs all of them, i am concerned about her, and the diet that i should choose.

We suggest using a teaspoon for the hand feeding job rather than using a syringe. There is very much you can feed your guinea pigs. The guinea pig (carmella) came with her cage, cube, remainder bag of food, and oxbow orchard grass hay (her favorite).

1 cup (240ml) max of veggies to each adult per day. Grass hay in particular, is the best for wearing down teeth and aids a healthy digestive system. Here’s an example of a guinea pig schedule for a typical morning to late afternoon work or school day:

Selecting hay and hay nutrition; Guinea pig's diet should consist of unlimited amount of hay, about 1 cup of vegetables a day, and 1/8 cups of pellets a day (with fortified vitamin c, if the vegetables given does not contain enough vitamin). Values provided as a possible minimum daily vitamin/mineral guideline.

The best veggies for guinea pigs: First, off they need to eat a lot of hay. The keys to a good diet for your guinea pigs are to use a wide range of vegetables and a bit of fruit.

Vegetables and fruits are less important for guinea pigs daily diet. Happy, healthy little herbivores like guinea pigs love nothing better than a great salad, fresh fruits and veggies. Experts suggest a diet high in commercially pelleted food as well as a endless supply of correct hay.

High quality commercial ‘guinea pig’ pellets (minimum 16% fibre content) may be offered in small quantities, but these should not form the main part of the diet. Leafy vegetables like lettuce, spinach, kale, romaine or parsley. Check water, hay & pellets.

For example, if your pig weighs 2 pounds, they should get around 1 cup of fresh greens each day. Incorporate a cup of fresh veggies like celery, kale, or broccoli every day to ensure a balanced diet, and feed your guinea pig pellets sparingly, since eating too many can lead to obesity and dental problems. If their poop turns red and bloody, it’s usually caused by some kind of obstruction, inflammation or a tear in their intestines.

Berries are tasty and unproblematic treats. When your guinea pig is a baby (a pup), you should feed him alfalfa hay, because it contains higher levels of calcium than other kinds of hay, and this is important to promote healthy bone growth. Most of all feed hay!

These quantities are what you should aim for daily. Just be judicious about handing out fruits as most are high in sugar. The proper diet of a guinea pig.

Your guinea pig will also love fresh fruits and vegetables; Guinea pigs should have constant access to fresh hay or grass and water at all times. Quick guide to feeding fresh fruit and veggies to your guinea pigs.

Both the peel and the banana can be eaten by your guinea pig, but since bananas are low in vitamin c and high in sugar you should only give it in very small quantities. Raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, blueberries and blackberries. Make sure you carefully check what food is safe for guinea pigs, and always offer them a balanced diet with unlimited hay.

While the diet page is an excellent and thorough overview of a basic guinea pig diet (fresh water, unlimited grass hay, a cup or so of vegetables per day per pig, and high quality plain pellets), you may want more detailed information. Honestly, you don’t even have to worry about overfeeding your guinea pig hay. Also, you don’t have to necessarily give them a whole cup of veggies.

Nutritional analyses of vegetables and fruits A guinea pig’s diet consists of 80% hay. Hay is essential to provide them with a complete diet and help them maintain healthy digestion, promote natural tooth wear and provide environmental enrichment.

Clover and alfalfa hays are also higher in fat and sugar, so a good rule of thumb is to offer it to adult guinea pigs as an occasional treat. It’s due to the accidental breathing in of the baby guinea pig which may occur any time. Twitch guinea pig nuggets are a complementary feed for guinea pigs.

This chart shows your guinea pigs general daily requirements. As a simple way to remember, guinea pigs should get about ½ cup of greens per 1 pound of body weight daily. This has to be provided permanent.

You should give your piggy an unlimited amount of hay (as long as it’s not a fattening legume type).

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