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© 1998 the university of arizona, college of agriculture, cooperative extension, in maricopa county author: Elephants eat parts of the plant, and spit out the leaves and seeds, which help to propagate the plant.

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Trim the top to make it spread as a low shrub or ground cover.

Elephant food plant arizona. The bush has thick succulent brown stems with small tender green leaves that resemble a diminutive jade plant. Phoenix, arizona(2 reports) tucson, arizona. Finger aloe (long fingers) share :

Full sun, partial sun, shade. Portulacaria afra (elephant's food, elephant bush, spekboom) thrives in warm, sunny climates. The small leaf jade plant is commonly grown in pots and baskets.

Variegated elephant food is a very unique succulent shrub that has many landscape uses. This plant’s segmented stems are bright red. It is much more versatile, being able to withstand summer sun as well as living in shade.

Elephant’s food is a versatile succulent that has been known by many names around the world throughout its long reign of popularity. For this reason, it is usually grown as an indoor plant. It is best placed next to a bookshelf or tall mantle so that the foliage can climb up up up!

3 ft high by 4 ft wide leaves: In its native habitat, the plant is heavily browsed and eaten by elephants, wild game, and tortoises. Check the plant's mature size and for presence of thorns before planting.

Stick the elephant bush cutting into a pot of moistened growing medium so the bottom set of leaves rests on the surface and then press the medium firmly against the stem. Fleshy, sprawling and branching, range/origin: The elephant bush, native to africa, is so named because elephants love to eat it.

This is a plant that is normally made to adapt to a desert climate, that has a thick trunk that will store water for days. No thorns, easy to grow It is a small tree or succulent shrub and often used for bonsai.

Elephant food looks like jade plant with smaller more compact leaves. Set the pot in a warm. Small, oval and fleshy flowers:

It’s also commonly referred to as elephant food, elephant plant, elephant succulent, porkbush, spekboom, and small leaf jade. In phoenix, this is definitely a succulent perennial plant for use in intimate to large landscape spaces of most landscape design themes. This plant is said to grow outdoors in the following regions:

In the home interior, it is much more likely to remain just a few feet tall. Elephant tree this plant is considered rare in the us within the anza borrego desert state park region, santa rosa mountains, sonoran desert and parts of the southwestern area of arizona. Some larger succulents can overwhelm a small garden and thorns or spines should not be located next to walkways, play areas, or traffic areas.

Tall and robust, this plant is an excellent addition to your houseplants. Elephant plant, small leaf jade, dwarf jade family: Elephant bushes are common landscaping plants in warmer climates because of their low maintenance and striking appearance.

Unlike many other south african succulents, portulacaria afra is fine with high humidity and rainfall (it grows well in florida and hawaii) as well as desert sun and heat. Some of the top branches did freeze this year (scottsdale, az), but i just cut them off and the plant seemed to be doing fine. The elephant food plant can be grown in full sun in phoenix or tucson and therefore is an ideal xeriscape plant.

Originally from africa, it is extremely drought, heat, and sun tolerant, while also accepting more moisture than our desert succulents. The elephant bush is a mighty plant, just like the animal it was named after. Accent shrub, container plant, entryways, elevated wall planters.

This succulent grows well in most soil conditions and handles a wide arrange of soil ph and densities including clay soils. In its natural environment, variegated elephant bush can reach heights of up to 20 feet (6 m.). The elephant food plant is a shrublike succulent with twisted red branches that are lined with green fleshy leaves.

Trim the sides and it will grow upright with a lot of character. All of a sudden my elephant food in an 8'x8' brick planter is yellowing off and looks like it is dying. Elephant’s food is a versatile succulent that has been known by many names around the world throughout its long reign of popularity.

Danny schnell, master gardener, maricopa county cooperative extension comments to lucy bradley, bradleyl@ag.arizona.edu 4341 e. Originally from africa, it is extremely drought, heat, and sun tolerant, while also accepting more moisture than our desert succulents. Elephant's food has adapted to many different conditions, including containers.

They now look like too much sun, but this has never been a problem. It can reach 12 feet tall and wide and produces tiny pink flowers in summer. It can be planted in rock gardens, borders, hillsides patio gardens as well as pots both indoor and outdoor.

Portulacaria afra also known as elephant bush , is a shrubby succulent native to southern africa. The leaves of these plants are edible and have a tart flavor. Amwua (arizona municipal water users association)

The little petals might even remind you of elephant ears.

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